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Supplier relationship manager ...

Promoting businesses, identifying partners and developing the customer / supplier relationship.

Suitable for any production-led industry, this online application provides an extensive set of tools for suppliers and customers to search, identify and qualify suitable partners.

Example case ...

Suppliers list their companies in the directory and build detailed profiles of their organisations and the product or services they provide. Customers search the directory and find suitable suppliers to connect with.

Searches can be made by name, location, category, field of interest, or any other featured aspect. Once identified, suitable companies are saved as Favourites and an in-depth qualification process can begin.

Customers can score supplier profiles; upload documents for approval; build questionnaires on-the-fly; create projects with multiple users; generate tenders and manage quotations; set reminders and view calendar-based activities; plus a lot more.

The customer ends up with a detailed analysis with which to rate potential suppliers and find the most suitable partners for their business.


The benefits ...

  • suppliers can market their business in detail
  • customers can identify quality suppliers and partners
  • site admin can earn money from priced plans and subscriptions

The features ...

  • the software can be tailored to suit any supply-driven industry
  • administrators have control over user plans and privileges
  • customisation and add-ons can be developed as needed

Would you like something similar?

This extensive application is the result of many months of development work and gives you an idea of what's possible. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Supplier Relationship Manager

Framework ...

  • Codeigniter

Languages ...

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
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