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JIT stock distribution ...

Simplifing the selection and delivery of pre-paid customer stock, based on the Just-In-Time principle.

This application automates the process of customers telling suppliers how and when they want their pre-paid stock delivered. It puts customers in control of their own inventory and makes it easier for stockists and suppliers to administer it.

Example case ...

A print company holds a pre-paid stock of brochures for a national car sales firm. The natiownide sales offices send individual emails with their brochure requirements for that week. When they receive the request, the print company has to check the availability, raise the relevant paperwork, have the warehouse process the order and adjust stock levels.

With this software however, the sales offices login to view stock online, they select the items they want and the location and date they want them sent. The print company receives confirmation of their selection, the picking and packing lists are automatically created and the stock adjusted. All that remains is for the order to be picked and delivered.


The benefits ...

  • a professional system like this makes a small supplier appear larger, letting them punch above their weight
  • suppliers can save money by not having to spend so much time administering orders
  • customers and suppliers know the exact stock situation at any given time

The features ...

  • customers only see stock allocated to them that is available for selection now
  • all confirmation emails, orders, picking lists and packing labels are fully automated
  • the movement of stock leaves an auditable trail with all goods-in and goods-out logged and cross-referenced to the relevant orders

Would you like something similar?

A free version of this SAAS is currently in development. Please get in touch if you'd like to be notified when it's ready.

Stock Distribution Application

Framework ...

  • Codeigniter

Languages ...

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
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