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Secure claim forms ...

Making online forms easier to complete, no matter how extensive or complicated they are.

How many times have you been halfway through an online form but given up because it was too complicated? Making forms easy to use can be challenging, but when you get it right, it significantly increases the response rate and the return on your investment.

Example case ...

An accountancy firm manages the affairs of a company sent into commercial administration. With many potential suppliers, partners and customers wanting to make a claim against the stricken company, the process of gathering all the claimant's details needs to be robust, secure and extremely efficient.

An online form will get the job done, but it has to be easy to use and impossible to break.

We achieve this by splitting the form across multiple pages with each page allocated a specific section of data to collect. This lends itself to a clean navigation system and the option for users to save and pause the form if they are unable to complete it in a single sitting.

Once the claims have been collected, the administrator can view, search and download the data. PDF copies and filtered spreadsheet reports are produced on-the-fly and selected data exported as required. Secure connections, restricted passwords, encrypted data and regular emailed backups, all increase the security of this online script.


The benefits ...

  • it makes lengthy forms easy to complete
  • it increases the response rate and the quality of data collected
  • administrators can search, filter and download the completed data at anytime

The features ...

  • the form is spread across multiple pages to isolate and simplify data collection
  • a user can edit the form and pause it, returning to complete it another day
  • high-end security measures keep the submitted data safe and secure

Would you like something similar?

This type of form can run alongside an existing website or be used as a stand-alone application. Please get in touch if you want something similar for your website.

Secure Claim Forms

Framework ...

  • Codeigniter

Languages ...

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
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