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GDRP Privacy Policy

This business is just me ... I'm a freelancer and I don't use marketing techniques to get new clients.
If I work with you I will collect your name and contact details and any login information that you email to me. When our work concludes, I retain all emails of our conversations in a separate folder for three years from our last date of working together ... then that folder is deleted.
I've always coded ethically with a focus on practical, secure systems that are rigorously tested. I mostly use CodeIgniter which is a durable OOP platform with a small footprint ... making it light and fast and easy to secure.

What data is collected?

In order to work with you I collect your name, email and phone numbers. I may also need login details to access your website, server or secure area in order to undertake my work.

Where is the data stored?

Most of the information comes by way of emails and phone conversations and is stored in a separate email folder or notes page on my laptop. Using IMAP email services, a copy of the email will also be stored on my web hosting server in London.

Is the data secure?

My laptop is password protected and secured using Bitdefender. I am the only person with access to my laptop. The server is managed by a hosting company who have it secured with a series of network systems and human interfaces. The hosting company is GDPR compliant and will inform me of any breach in security within an hour of it occurring.

Is the data backed up?

The data residing on the server is backed up daily and weekly and monthly.

How long is the data held?

I keep the email folder and notes page for three years after our last communication and then delete them. Invoices are kept for seven years.

Is the data collection legitimate?

Yes. I only acquire information that you are happy sharing with me in order for me to perform my job.

Is the data minimised and kept up to date?

I only collect data necessary for me to fulfil my role in working for you. If the data changes and you let me know then I will retain details of the latest information.

Who has access to the data?

I generally work alone so only I have access to your information. If I work with a designer or secondary developer, they will be provided with sufficient information in order to undertake their job. When their part of the job has completed, they will delete the information they hold on you.

What controls do you have?

If you would like me to remove or restrict some or all of your information then please Contact Me and let me know and I should be able to do it within 48 hours.

What about this website?

I don't track your movement around this website and I don't set cookies on your computer. The site does use session cookies but these are deleted when you close your browser window or within 6 hours, whichever comes first.