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An online portal that allows users to signup to view live webcasts and ask questions on the fly.


A production team in Hampshire who visit client premises and setup their equipment to capture live broadcasts of key speeches and events that are streamed to a select audience online.


In 2011 I was contracted to design and build a web portal where invited users could login and watch live streaming broadcasts. Users had to be able to ask questions to the speaker in real time and for those questions to be addressed during the broadcast. The portal had to allow for the easy setup of new streams with unique login details for each invited user.


This live broadcast industry wasn't new in 2011 but it was fairly new to me, so, before doing anything, I spent a lot of time researching the market and how their competition was operating and what systems they were using.

With that background knowledge and a completed Project Brief, I began documenting the processes using story-boards. When coding was underway and there was something to see, I gave the client access to the development server so they could follow progress and sign off each stage of the job.

Webinar Manager
Fig 1 - An online system that streams live broadcasts to pre-selected users.
Complex architecture made easy ...

Although the project architecture was fairly complex to configure, the solution was fairly easy to implement. I built a login portal where selected users can register for an event and login to view the broadcast live. There was a feature for users to ask questions that were sent direct to the event host who would compile them for the speaker to answer.

Establishing the stream ...

Most events came with different setup needs that had to be catered for and this was made possible by giving each event a unique directory that included their own sign-up and viewing pages that could be customised accordingly. The remote crew simply needed to login and add their live stream feed and the rest was automatically connected for them.

Admin area ...

In the administration area, I added a report download option to view the statistics of each event: who registered and logged in, what questions they asked, etc.

Sadly, it's not in use any more but it was quite cutting-edge technology at the time and proved to be a great success.


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