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A bright, colourful and interactive CMS website that is fully managed by the staff of a local primary school.


Doagh Primary School is situated in the small village of Doagh in Co Antrim. It's a state-run school catering for about 130 children.


We were delighted to be contracted to build a website for the school. From our first meeting, we created a list of 'wants' that included ...

  • easy for the teachers to update
  • an image gallery to display lots of pictures
  • an expandable news and information point
  • a calendar of dates and events
  • a design that would appeal to the children and parents

We met with the head teachers three times during the course of this project ...

  • the first time, to gather information and build the project brief
  • the second time, to present our ideas and outline the design
  • the third time to handover the job and provide tuition for the CMS

We were so enthusiastic about the school and what the teachers were trying to achieve, we knew that we wanted to get that same energy and excitement onto the site.

Bespoke Artwork

This project was heavily designed and used a lot of custom artwork.

School - Background
Fig 1 - The background image is appealing to the age group and also incorporates features specific to the school and the local village.
School - Header
Fig 2 - A fun, practical header with variable text options and easy to use search function.
School - Footer
Fig 3 - Making the children part of the design.
Interactive Features

It was important the teachers and pupils could communicate their activities through the website in a manner befitting the school. We built an interactive calendar that was linked to their News and Events sections. We also built a multi-layered gallery so they could showcase their various projects and trips.

School - Calendar
Fig 4 - The calendar is linked to the News and Events sections.
School - Gallery
Fig 5 - The gallery means that every year, class and project can be represented.
Content Management System

Although we used our in-house system (Bond CMS) to create the secure admin login area, we customised it to suit the needs of the school staff who would be using it.

School - Manage Pages
Fig 6 - The teachers can quickly create and manage site content.
School - Manage Calendar
Fig 7 - It's easy to add news and events to the calendar.
School - Manage Support
Fig 8 - A built-in ticket support desk means that help is on hand whenever they need it.
We are delighted with our school website. Vincent and his team made the process of designing it very easy. Our website allows us to showcase news, events and photos very easily. Thank you to Vincent and his team for creating such a bright and colourful website.
Helen McLernon
Head Mistress at Doagh Primary School

You can visit the live site here ...

The client website is hosted by a third-party company and will open in a new browser window.


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