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A brochure-style website presenting an archive of memorabilia from the iconic 70s punk-rock band, The Clash.


Built around a collection by Mick Jones (lead guitarist and co-founding member of the group), the website aims to provide an historic look at the life and times of Mick Jones and The Clash.


I was introduced to this project by Leila from Lurex Lounge, the lead designer. It was my role to put together the mechanics for this website to drive the library.

The client wanted a flexible Content Management System that would allow them to upload pictures and descriptions of items form the impressive archive of rock memorabilia. They wanted everything to be searchable with the addition of a news and events section to post details of upcoming exhibitions.


This project came along at a time when Expression Engine featured on my list of preferred website tools. It was a standard job to customise Expression Engine to accommodate the pages the designer had pre-built. If I were to do the same project again today, I would probably base it on the Laravel framework and code everything by hand.

Rock Library - Background
Fig 1 - The designer used a repeated background image that was really effective.
Rock Library - Header
Fig 2 - The simple header is clear and concise with the all-essential search function.
Rock Library - Navigation
Fig 3 - The navigation is clear and easy to use.
Rock Library - Gallery
Fig 4 - The archived items can be viewed as a gallery and individually with further details.

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