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An extensive online directory of businesses within the pharmaceutical supply chain. Feature-packed with a range of online tools to aid business promotion and develop supplier-customer relationships.


An independent company operating from Dublin, Ireland with the goal of listing every pharmaceutical company around the world.


The client was seeking a new developer to take over from the previous developers who had left the project unfinished. They needed someone to complete the unfinished work and also to continue development of new features and services including ...

  • an advanced search facility so Users could quickly find compatible Companies
  • a communication portal for Users to correspond with Companies
  • a CRM-style area where Users could properly manage Companies
  • a document centre where Companies could manage key documents and invite Users to approve them
  • a project area where Users could create and manage ongoing Projects

The initial work was commissioned as a two week project which extended to three main phases spread over an 18 month period.


Before we could get started on adding new features, the original website needed work. Not only was the software out of date but the front-end design needed improvement. I commissioned a designer to give the website a facelift and then applied the new design to the existing site and then began developing and adding new features.

Intelligent Search Options

With thousands of database records being searched, it was important to have a clear, easy to use facility to be able to search, filter and order the results. I built a multi-layered selection process that saves the search criteria for later retrieval.

Pharmaceutical - Intelligent Search
Fig 1 - Intelligent search and filter options that can be saved by the User.
Communication Portal

It was important for the Users and Companies to be able to communicate with each other through the application. Without wanting to create an entire online email system from scratch, I built a light-weight version that allows the processing of incoming and outgoing messages via the User portal. It's a nice, neat way of corresponding online without having to leave the site.

Pharmaceutical - Communication Portal
Fig 2 - Users can manage incoming and outgoing correspondence without leaving the website.
Document Centre

This document module provides three main services. Companies can ...

  • add public documents to their online profile for visitors to download and print
  • upload private documents for selected Users to review and accept
  • create their own questionnaires and invite Users to fill them in and sign them
Pharmaceutical - Document Centre
Fig 3 - The Document Centre gives Companies control over their documents.
Pharmaceutical - Questionnaire Builder
Fig 4 - The form builder means Companies can build their own complex questionnaires.
Pharmaceutical - Signing Documents Virtually
Fig 5 - Compiled with DigiSigner, documents can be authenticated with a virtual signature.
Pharmaceutical - Project Management
Fig 6 - The project management section lets Users save and manage special projects.
I came to use Vincent's development services off the back of a poor experience with my previous developer. Vincent listened very carefully to the needs of the project and took over management very effectively and quickly. Vincent will contribute and enhance your ideas and deliver technical solutions that work both for you and your customers. I would recommend his technical services going forward.
Paul O'Farrell
Managing Director at Actex Pharma Services

You can visit the live site here ...

The client website is hosted by a third-party company and will open in a new browser window.


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