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An intuitive web form that collects data across multiple pages. With special reporting features and PDF generation built in, it saves time and manpower when collecting and managing claims.


A well-known firm of company accountants who were managing the administration of a multi-billion dollar company that had been sent into commercial administration.


The administrators needed to gather and collate thousands of claims from creditors around the world. They needed to collect a range of information including ...

  • contact details of the claimant
  • claim details across multiple currencies
  • supporting information to substantiate the claim
  • bank / payment details for reimbursement
  • official signatory details and final approval

They also needed to be able to sort and filter the information collected and export it to their Microsoft Access database.

Due to the nature of the business and to apply with judicial appointments, the work had to be completed on an urgent basis and to a tight schedule.


After a couple of fact-finding conference calls, the project brief was compiled and agreed. I then made a story-board covering the main processing steps and when done, I began building the site directly to a remote server so the client could view the progress in real time.

Clear Navigation

The claim form questions were set into groups with each group having it's own page. This meant navigation followed an obvious path.

Claim Form - Easy Navigation
Fig 1 - Practical menu options and clear instructions make navigation easy.
Multiple Currencies

As an international business, the company had creditors around the world so I built a function that allows each claimant to make multiple claims across different currencies.

Claim Form - Multiple Currencies
Fig 2 - The claim process needed to reflect the global interest from claimants.
Flexible Payment Options

A clever Javascript snippet makes it easy for the claimant to select their preferred payment method. Subject to the bank location, different form fields show to collect the required information for that location.

Claim Form - Flexible Payment Options
Fig 3 - Only the fields that need to be filled in are shown.
Allowing Modifications

An essential part of any multi-page form is the ability to review and edit information before submitting it. I made it easy for the users to to do just that.

Claim Form - Review and Edit
Fig 4 - Users can review and edit their information before submitting it.
Secure Login Area

I built a secure login area for the administration team to manage the claims.

Claim Form - Secure Login Area
Fig 5 - A secure portal provides easy management of claimant's sensitive data.
Filter and Report

The administrators can quickly search, filter and generate reports from the collected information. The reports can then be downloaded to their Microsoft Access database.

Claim Form - Filter and Report
Fig 6 - A flexible reporting tool allows export of specific data.
Manageable Settings

The client wanted to be able to manage specific aspects of the website themselves, so I built the features to do just that.

Claim Form - Manageable Settings
Fig 7 - Custom features let the administrators manage key site content.
In the world of IT, knowledge and the ability to use it affectively, are critical when delivering any business solution. Vincent is one of the few professional web developers who doesn't just talk “IT", he delivers real business solutions. His broad knowledge and history of successful projects, ensures he focuses on the business benefits of the solution and not just the quick fix. Vincent has a unique ability to understand the business need and turn it into a working technical solution. It’s a great strength and skill many organisations could benefit from. Over the years, we have used his skills to deliver some complex and secure solutions. He is always flexible to the client's needs and extremely responsive to change. A pleasure to work with.
Andy Millington
IT leader EMEA at Nortel Networks

You can visit the live site here ...

The client website is hosted by a third-party company and will open in a new browser window.


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