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An online football directory website with decades of facts, stats and pictures about non-league clubs.


The Non-League Football Directory started life as a printed booklet in 1977. Its aim was to document Association Football, its games, players and interesting facts. In 2012, the yearly publication had been running for 30 years and collected an amazing amount of information from every game during that period. About that time, the authors had a dream to recreate the booklet online.


I was introduced to the project through the designers (Lurex Lounge). Leila, the lead designer, challenged me to build a system with the following spec ...

  • it had to be able to present +30 years of football stats
  • it had to be quick and easy for the administrator to edit and manage
  • it had to be intelligent enough to identify related club pages and automatically add links between each of them

Once the site design was agreed and finalised between Leila and the client, I set to work mapping out the architecture of the site and building the process flows. For this project I used Expression Engine, a commercial level CMS software built upon the CodeIgniter framework.

Football Site - Home Page
Fig 1 - The colourful and visually appealing home page reflects the original booklet.
Search Options

There are multiple options to browse and search the site.

Football Site - Search
Fig 2 - A simple search box that searches the extensive database.
Club Information

Each club has extensive detail recorded about it, with more being added all the time.

Football Site - Facts and Stats
Fig 3 - The directory holds a wealth of information about each club.
Football Site - Team Photo
Fig 4 - Plenty of photos, old and new, of teams and players.
Automatic Tables

Tables are created simply by uploading a CSV file. The formatting and layout is all handled by the system so the administrator has nothing to do once the file has been uploaded.

The system also adds links into the tables which point to other information around the site. This means the administrator doesn't have to manually create the links. Even when a new page of information is added, the system is intelligent enough to identify where and when a link needs to be inserted and it does so automatically.

Football Site - History
Fig 5 - When available, links are automatically inserted to additional information about specific years.
Football Site - Table
Fig 6 - Links to club pages are inserted by the system so the administrator doesn't have to.

You can visit the live site here ...

The client website is hosted by a third-party company and will open in a new browser window.


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