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A free online tool that let's you build complex forms simply by selecting options from a drop-down list.


I built something similar for an online business directory where registered users were able to build their own questionnaires. This version has been modified but the result is much the same ... it speeds up the process of building an online form by doing all the HTML and CSS for you.


When I built this web form code creator, I wanted it to meet a number of points ...

  • I wanted all form fields to be covered, not just the easy ones
  • reordering of form fields had to be possible
  • I wanted it to be free so that anyone can use it
  • it had to be easy to use

I think the finished article includes just about everything on that list.


It all begins with a simple drop down option inviting you to select a question type. It's really very simple, you just select a question type and it's added to the form.

You can add as many questions as you want, there's no limit. This means it's a great free tool to build extensive online forms using a variety of form fields.

Building Questions

It's easy to start adding questions to your form. Just select a field type from the drop down list and it will be added.

Auto Forms - Question Selection
Fig 1 - Begin by selecting a question from the drop down list.
Auto Forms - Form Fields
Fig 2 - Add as many fields as you want and reorder them how you like.
Auto Forms - Question Editing
Fig 3 - You can modify each question to suite your needs.
Copying the Output

There's a link to view and test the form online and another to view the HTML and CSS code used to construct the form. All you have to do is copy and paste the code into your website and modify the path to your script.

Auto Forms - HTML Code
Fig 4 - All the HTML you need to build the form is provided.
Auto Forms - CSS Code
Fig 5 - For your convenience, it also provides the basic CSS to display the form.

You can visit the live site here ...

The client website is hosted by a third-party company and will open in a new browser window.


Would you like to know more?

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